The culmination of many years of research and development alongside our team of World Champions, ZhikGrip™ II is a new dinghy boot & strap combination designed to increase hiking performance. A proprietary pattern of studs and interlocks to connect boat and sailor, Zhikgrip™ II is made from a highly durable unique rubber compound. The tapered studs lock in at any angle or position for extreme grip, while still allowing easy movement & adjustment of the boot under the strap. The powerful, interlocking grip allows you to relax your muscles, lock into the boat dynamics, and hike harder for longer while still maintaining full mobility. Boot 60 is our "barefoot" boot, combining a supportive construction with an open heel and split toe for maximum sensitivity.

  • Barefoot boot
  • Maximises sensitivity and feel
  • Zhikgrip™ II Patented Stud Locking System
  • High durability, tapered rubber compound studs help you lock in & relax your ankles to improve hiking strength
  • Able to lock in at any angle or position
  • For extreme grip
  • Custom high grip ZK Sole™
  • For the ultimate in grip on wet surfaces
  • Supportive upper construction
  • With 50mm velcro ankle strap
  • Open heel and split toe
  • For maximum sensitivity

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